Episode 210 – Summer Slam Sadness

We discuss Summer Slam and the lacking build up that the whole show seems to have, except for Eva Marie.


Artwork by Steve-O

Episode 209 – Lana Del Wednesday

Raw and Smackdown were relatively uneventful, NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic were much better. We discuss all of it, however.

Also, Denny Lugz is sick. Send him your get well wishes.

Episode 207 Mailbag

Some of the mail topics include:

  • The first week of the brand split
  • Battleground reactions
  • The Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns debate
  • Dolph Ziggler’s sudden main event match
  • Sasha Banks winning the Women’s title on Raw


Episode 206 – Denny Lugz Hates Stephanie McMahon

We finally get to see Finn Balor vs Nakamura in a WWE ring on NXT, the Cruiserweight Classic started, we had two WWE title matches, and a Raw & Smackdown draft, and we even talk a little about Evolve wrestling and Ultima Lucha Dos part 2 in Lucha Underground. The real story, however, is that Denny Lugz can no longer stand Stephanie McMahon.

Episode 205 – Ludvig Borga is the Best Pokemon

The Hardy Boyz present the world with Final Deletion and a week later WWE gives us the New Day going to the Wyatt Family Compound. Has wrestling turned a new corner? No, because this is what Lucha Underground has been doing for quite some time!

Episode 204 – Hashtag Beat Up John Cena

Raw is Bore, but Lucha Underground was great, getting ready for Ultima Lucha 2! At least AJ Styles came up with a new hashtag for the ages!