Episode 219 – Catty Neidhart and James Ellsworth Stops By!

Yes, James Ellsworth stops by to talk about recent events in WWE – what’d he think about his WWE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH just 24 hours ago!?

He also runs his own promotion and has an event coming up next week! Find out more on http://www.adrenalinewrestling.com

Plus we talk about Lucha Underground, Raw, Smackdown, NXT, Garfield & Friends, and more!


Episode 218 – Boston Browns

No Mercy was a solid show, but the pacing as a bit odd, we sound off. James Ellsworth gets a match with the WWE World Champion?? Also, who are the Boston Browns? Goldberg Vs. Lesnar is really happening again?! Sasha Banks and Charlotte are going to have a Hell in a Cell match!


Episode 217 – Give Porn a Chance

No Mercy is this Sunday, is Dolph Ziggler really leaving? Really? WWE said to have purchased TNA’s tape library, what does that mean!? WCPW has their first iPPV tomorrow, remember to tune in and check it out!

There was also a lot of wrestling news this week – and we actually talked about it.


Episode 216 – Culture Clash of Champions, What?

Surprise on the show this week: Adam from WhatCulture is here! WhatCulture has their first iPPV event coming up on October 6th, 2016, he’s here to talk about it! https://wc.pw for more info!

As of the date of this posting, the card is:

American Hero vs Local Hero
Kurt Angle vs. Joe Hendry

WCPW Championship
Joseph Conners (c) vs. Martin Kirby

WCPW Internet Championship
El Ligero vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Travis Banks

Street Fight
Adam Blampied vs. Rampage

Joe Coffey vs. Minoru Suzuki
Cody Rhodes vs. Doug Williams

We also talk about Clash of Champions, Raw, Smackdown, and more! Also: the entire crew is back together once again, well, at last for half of the show…


Episode 215 – Why Are There Refs in Steel Cages?

Roman Reigns beats Owens in a steel cage match!? At least it was non-title, or at most it was non-title…
Is Rollins a babyface yet?
What’s going to happen this Sunday at Clash of Champions?
Ambrose FINALLY fires up!
Also: Cruiserweight Classic is over, we discuss!
…and AND, some actual chat about Lucha Underground!Joining us this week is Wookie from Spot Monkeys!

Episode 214 – AJ Styles is Off to the Races

AJ Styles is WWE Champion!
Lucha Underground is back for a third season!
CM Punk takes a loss in the UFC.
James Ellsworth returns to Smackdown!



EVOLVE 69 Gallery

Pictures taken at EVOLVE 69 at La Boom! on 9/11/2016 in Queens, NY.

Episode 213 – Owens Brought me Back

The first week of the Kevin Owens Show is in the books, but it’s also the go-home before Smackdown’s Backlash. Which was the better show this week? It was Raw, but M2J talks about both. Also, an unprecedented solo DTJ episode as Sean is off and Denny is MIA!