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6 Shows in 8 Days

Hello friends, it’s me, M2J, sharing with you my experience of going to 6 all women wrestling shows in 8 days.

Dr. Rod Diamondfire of Chikara Pro

Dr. Rod Diamondfire of Chikara Pro Wrestling joins us to discuss WWE Backlash and more!
Visit chikaratix.com for upcoming shows and ticket sales!

Matt’s Jew Tip of the Week

Episode 295

The Greatest Royal Rumble … or was it?

Also, Matt saves you some money – in a very specific bar in NY, find out how!

Wrestlemania 34 and Shake-up Chat

Episode 293

Wrestlemania 34 is in the books, and the roster has already been shaken up!

Sean Spurge Solo Show

Episode 292

It’s Denny Lugz & M2J appreciation night!

It’s also the go-home to Wrestlemania! What will Sean Spurge have to say!?


The Crowd Hated it, but They Did It

Fastlane is in the books. AJ is still WWE champion. Roman Reigns is suspended. Asuka is going to challenge Charlotte for the Smackdown title at Mania.

Oink Oink Right in the Stinker

We talk about Elimination Chamber and the continuing road to Wrestlemania.

Selfie Segments

After years of having horrible Royal Rumble matches, we get two good ones in one night!

Also Cien and Gargano have match of the year in the first month of 2018.

Episode 278 – References Lost on Most People

Sure, a bunch of stuff happened this week, but Matthew Hardy is finally WOKEN in WWE, and it’s lit, fam!