The Hosts

m2jMatt Josephson (M2J)
Editor-in-Chief, Doing the Job

An accomplished media guru in his own right (which means not really very much at all), M2J started watching wrestling in 1991. Around that every same time, he would frequently create his own “radio” shows, using a dual cassette boombox, he’d do radio bits and song introductions between tracks. After years of practicing media as a hobby as well as years of watching wrestling, the two entities have collided in what is now known as “Doing the Job.”


dennyDennis Tavernite (Denny Lugz)
“Talent”, Doing the Job

Denny Lugz lives in Staten Island NYC and is best known for his CM Punk cosplay that can be seen at Pro Wrestling events and various types of Conventions. He has been a wrestling fan since about the age of 7 and is very knowledgable on this business we all love. Professionally he is a Paramedic for the FDNY, but when he’s not saving lives, he’s “Doing The Job” for you every week!


Sean Michael Spurge (The Maple Meatball)
Columnist, Doing the Job

Sean Michael Spurge is an accomplished columnist, with almost two decades of pro wrestling coverage under his belt. Spurge joined the staff around one year into Doing the Job and has become a staple of the show ever since, bringing with him his Buy or Sell segment as well as our pre-show closer, Nuggets.



The Show

Doing the Job is a weekly wrestling podcast hosted by Denny Lugz and M2J. We stream live every Wednesday night at (about) 8:00 PM E.S.T.

You can contact either of us at m2j@dtjwrestling.com, denny@dtjwrestling.com, or sean@dtjwrestling.com.

Leave us a voicemail at (646) 820-3332

Subscribe to us in iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/doing-the-job/id553234010.

Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doingthejob or check us out on Google+.

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  1. Joe Jordan


    It’s “Joey Shirtless” – – long time no speak to. I am not the on the FB, but came across the bad news trolling FB on someone else’s FB. Anyway, please hit me up – – 203-589-7839… I live in Seattle now(!?!), but am gonna be in NYC April 11th thru the 18th, and would love to check in. Some heavy shit…

    I hope you’re staying up, and I send you mad love and positivity.



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