Drinking Game

For those that listen to our Doing The Job podcast, I’m sure you’ve heard me utter the words, “everybody take a drink” anytime your wonderful hosts, M2J and Denny Lugz, get into an argument. The reason for this is that early on into my tenure on the show, I stole the drinking game gimmick and created a fake one where anytime the two of them argued, which of course is quite frequently, the listeners at home would have to take a drink. However, aside from becoming a running joke, it’s never gone past that. Until now.

Finally, and for no good reason except that I always have some time to kill between the hours of 9-10 on Monday nights to conjure up stupid stuff like this, I give you the official Doing The Job Drinking Game. Feel free to play along!

Take a drink anytime…

M2J and Denny argue excessively

Sean brings up Taylor Swift (take a shot if he brings her up on three separate occasions)

M2J excitedly yells, “Yeah! Hulk Hogan!”

Denny accidentally curses (if he curses again because he just cursed, take a shot)

Sean makes a Seinfeld reference

M2J didn’t watch Raw

A sound drop Milli Vanillis

Denny calls a WWE superstar by his indy name

M2J mentions that he was watching Tuesday Night Titans

Denny has internet issues (if he blames Skype, take a shot. If upon return he completely interrupts someone by cursing and/or frantically asking if we can hear him, down a bottle of Maker’s Mark.)

M2J or Denny bring up Cesaro being mishandled after winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 30

Sean excessively feels the need to defend Roman Reigns

Denny creepily utters the word, “Midriff”

Meester Draco digresses in an email (just kidding, I don’t want anyone dead)

We have a black fourth chair on the show

M2J is drinking a Mexican Pepsi

Denny claims that Sean is a white meat baby face with a hell of a dropkick

Denny is unnecessarily a heel to one of our fans when reading an email

Denny is unnecessarily a heel to the hosts because he has to leave for work soon

Denny has to leave for work before the show ends

M2J or Denny get on Sean for not talking quick enough coming out of the Buy or Sell sound drop

Sean doesn’t have Buy or Sell results ready after a pay-per-view

M2J chooses a Buy or Sell based on what he wants to see happen rather than what he thinks will happen

Denny plays it safe and backs out of opposing M2J on Buy or Sell

The infamous “Kofi Kingston receives a push” Buy or Sell is mentioned

The crew goes longer than ten minutes discussing everything on earth except professional wrestling


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