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Wrestlemania 34 and Shake-up Chat

Episode 293

Wrestlemania 34 is in the books, and the roster has already been shaken up!

It’s the Hebrew National and Oscar Mayer Show!

Also: Brock Lesnar is a chicken-poop heel?
Finally, we get to witness the Ultimate DELETION, YEEESSSS!

Oh, Matt and Denny are “being Frank” tonight…

Episode 290

Oink Oink Right in the Stinker

We talk about Elimination Chamber and the continuing road to Wrestlemania.

Episode 264 – John Cena Beats Roman Reigns …at Promos

John Cena and Roman Reigns have a face to face in ring promo battle that the wrestling world was talking about. PWI released 2017’s top 500, we talk about the top 10. We are entering week 109 of no Hulk Hogan. Sexy Star is the biggest villain in wrestling, and not a kayfabe one.

Episode 249 – Hulk Hogan forms the New Welcoming Committee – nWc

We fantasy book a world where Hulk Hogan shows up and joins the Welcoming Committee on Smackdown, coining the New Welcoming Committee, or nWc.

Also, WWE Backlash is Sunday, NXT Takeover is Saturday, and WWE UK is Friday, so it’s a big weekend?

Episode 235 – Bayley’s Irish Cream

Elimination Chamber is this weekend, because it’s been far too long since our last WWE PPV. We talk about Smackdown, Raw, 205Live, and who makes the most interesting winner for the Elimination Chamber match.

Episode 234 – Emoji Clutch

Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble and John Cena won the title. Is this our Wrestlemania main event? Samoa Joe debuted on Raw, Seth Rollins is injured, Bobby Roode is the new NXT champion, Brock Lesnar challenges Goldberg again, and EJ Stewart visits Doing the Job this week to discuss all of this and the Superbowl.

Episode 233 – WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Chatter

A day late and a dollar short, but DTJ is here on a Thursday night to talk about the upcoming Royal Rumble and the past week of Raw and Smackdown. No Lucha Underground chat this week because, well, is it gone??

Episode 227 – Triple H’s Overrun

We ask the hard questions this week, such as could Charlotte be a believable contender against the Undertaker? Should Triple H have been excluded from Wrestlemania cards years ago? Are Royal Rumble championship matches ever not a draw? Was “Santa With Muscles” really such a bad movie?

We also talk some Raw, Smackdown, Lucha Underground, EVOLVE, NXT, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Oh, and New Day broke Demolition’s record.