The Importance of Europe to the WWE and European wrestlers to the WWE

Editor’s note: This article was written by Doing The Job’s number one Irish fan, Shane Kelleher. Many thanks for his contributions.)

Hi I’m Shane Kelleher the fella who Denny Lugz reads the emails for from the Ireland. I’m a fan of WWE and I hate to say it a TNA fan. I will try not to talk about the current situation there. Being from Ireland. I’m a fan of Irish wrestlers and any European wrestlers.

Even though I’m 16. You probably presume I’m an internet smark. But when I was young I will admit I was john cena fan cheer all the good guys. But that I didn’t notice the boos cause I was enthralled by the nature of the stuff I was watching. I stopped watching after friends lost interest in it. I just followed the crowed

But when I came back cm punk dropped that pipe bomb. Then I started to find European wrestlers to cheer for. In the January of this year I went to my first wrestling event and that day found the Doing the Job podcast.

I feel being over here when wwe come into town. House shows and TV shows give them a chance to try new things like fandango as face and Some USA wrestlers as heels. It’s a different voice which can be help to creative not a problem you see. But there are problems with the system they have. Its two weeks long but only one live Raw. This can go unnoticed. This where I think TNA gets it right. But there tour is only five days long it put out seven weeks of TV from this side of the world. They did one house show and one PPV as well. But WWE can’t afford taping raw because the rating would drop badly and more loss money for Vince. I read on the sheets WWE changing its tour system. This would mean raw is still Monday. Main Event and Superstars on Tuesday. Wednesday live Smackdown   house shows Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday off. PPV on Sunday.

This way would suit European tour two weeks spread across 10 cities. This would be great and gives people like Barrett and Ceasro to be super over. New debuts would be better to get over like Adam Rose. I would love to see this gives new cities chance of live TV. This would be great. Way better to US audience to see what European cities are like.

European wrestlers are important to WWE because European style is stiffer which can make wrestling seem more ‘real’. This can be more enjoyable for me who has watched world of sport wrestling. Seamus has lost his stiff since he arrived in the wwe. I feel stiff work is good but I have one problem swagger and Del Rio are too stiff and cause too much problems.

I’m glad to see a new NXT diva Betty Lynch from Dublin. Hopefully they don’t use an Irish stereotype. Great win in her debut over Summer Rae. Different voices, ideas and new styles which is why the WWE is successful global company. Can the WWE survive without European wrestlers? Would they have tours over here? Would I care as much as ye do? I think if nxt continues to grow I feel the WWE would use one of these nxt special episodes over here first before another WWE big PPV.

WWE Network is set launch in August over here. This will give the network 1 million subscribers which will turn their profit on the network. Vince is left so long because they were trying to the network running smooth and no problems before it went Global. This is a smart business idea. So don’t be complaining

To wrap this up that’s what I opinion on the matter I hope ye liked what ye read and if you did I write another one for the DTJ website. And would also like to the doing the job happy 100th birthday and long may the success continue. That’s big Shane Kelleher signing off goodbye.

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