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Sheamus has been heavily featured in the sheets over the past week.

Sheamus has been heavily featured in the sheets over the past week.

The dreaded dirt sheets. Sources say this. Rumor has it about that. It’s like those cheesy gossip magazines for women that we just can’t get enough of, even if we know half of this crap is probably just something that some guy said somewhere, was passed along as “news”, and then spread like wild fire. But what the hell, we all read them, so let’s break down the recent dirt that is in these sheets.

I will attempt to post in this space every week or so about the current goings on in the world of internet wrestling gossip with my own thoughts and opinions on matters I deem important enough to discuss. Check back frequently for updates!

(Normally, in an attempt to be a reputable writer, I would post links or cite other websites with the research for this article, but these are dirt sheets we’re talking about here. You can find the same info on dozens of sites, and when it comes to them, I’m quite certain that credibility isn’t really a factor.)

THE DIRT: Despite recent reports that WWE’s higher-ups felt that the “Yes!” chant was over more than Daniel Bryan, they still plan to forge forward with him ranked as their number two star, behind John Cena.

MY TAKE: Considering that they just spent the better part of a year building and pushing this guy, culminating in him completely owning their biggest show in history, yeah, I’d hope they wouldn’t decide to just take the ball out of his hands. Besides, even if the chant is more over than him, who the hell is the one that got the damn thing over in the first place and continues to do so?? They’re like a tag team at this point, so what difference does it make as long as something is massively over? Don’t get cute, WWE.

(Editor’s Note: This article was written before Daniel Bryan’s announced neck surgery, which will keep him out for a month or so. When he comes back, I’d bet that both the “Yes!” chant and the superstar will be over enough to continue to push him as that number two.)

THE DIRT: Supposedly, Sheamus and Sin Cara (2: Electric Boogaloo) got into a backstage fight, in which it was reported that the former Hunico was victorious. Sheamus then took to Twitter to respond, “Don’t remember being beaten up by Sin Cara backstage… It’s just how Mexicans & we Irishmen hug it out fella.”

MY TAKE: Big deal. When you’re on a team, which is basically what WWE is, stuff like this is going to happen; you handle your business and move on. As far as Sin Cara getting the upper hand, however, if it is true…ouch.

THE DIRT: When Sheamus delivered the Brogue Kick to Dean Ambrose in the battle royal for the United States Championship, that was intended to be his heel turn, but fans didn’t catch on.

MY TAKE: I can’t fathom this is true. Kayfabe-wise, regardless of heel or face, the man is in a position to win a title, hit his finisher, didn’t cheat, won the title, and then celebrated all face-like up the ramp on both Raw and Smackdown. How can that possibly be interpreted as a heel turn??? I’m going to give WWE a little more credit than that, even if the plan is likely for Sheamus to turn sooner rather than later. Speaking of…

THE DIRT: There is talk of putting Sheamus in Evolution, possibly once Batista leaves to promote his movies.

MY TAKE: Props to your Doing the Job hosts for calling this one on last week’s episode of the pod diddly before this was publicly reported if this one comes to fruition. I can see that being a good fit.

THE DIRT: There has been renewed talks of unifying the IC and US titles with Sheamus and Bad News Barrett, which is a hot topic considering the upcoming tour of the United Kingdom.

MY TAKE: And props to M2J for calling this one (again, if it comes to light), on that same episode of your favorite weekly pro wrestling podcast.

THE DIRT: David Benoit, son of former World Champion, Chris, was scheduled to make his in-ring debut for a promotion being run by Smith Hart, brother of former WWE Champion, Bret. This came to an end when Chris Jericho intervened, pointing out that Benoit had not received proper training and was not ready for a match, protecting the kid.

MY TAKE: I hope I am wrong, but my gut tells me Smith was trying to make a buck on the Benoit name, and Jericho diplomatically called him out on it. Good for Y2J.

THE DIRT: WWE has been brainstorming ideas for new shows to air on the Network. Amongst those listed on the sheets, I read this verbatim: “Unscripted reality shows that explore the daily lives of Superstars, like seen on Total Divas…”

MY TAKE: Unscripted…LOL.

THE DIRT: It had already been reported that Batista is not in a program with Daniel Bryan for Payback because he did not want to look bad jobbing to the champ on his way out to promote his movie. Newer reports from a “source close to the situation” disagreed, basically saying that Vince is twisting the story and wants to public to believe that is real. This source claims that Batista has been screwed out of money, booking, and has had promises broken regarding his schedule and movie promotion, and that he would have no problem jobbing to Bryan otherwise.

MY TAKE: Honestly, I really want the story to be that Batista is a jerk. Maybe he is. But it’s not like Vince is any less of a shady character himself when it comes to this stuff. Who the hell knows who to believe, and who cares, as long as Batista is gone as soon as possible.

THE DIRT: Reports claim that John Cena wants to work with Big E at some point, perhaps after Summerslam.

MY TAKE: Ugh. Please, don’t make me sit through that.

THE DIRT: I will rarely give TNA the respect of even talking about their horrible company, but I found it humorous that, according to the sheets, there was nearly a walk out by their production crew in the middle of last week’s tapings, because they supposedly have been owed money. After the threats, checks were promptly issued.

MY TAKE: Good. Too bad they didn’t go through with it, though, for all of us. In my eyes, the crew sold out for the money, because now their show gets to run on television for another week.

THE DIRT: Apparently WWE has changed their minds on plans to break up The Shield and will not be going through with it any time soon.

MY TAKE: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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