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This page is currently being updated by the senior lead analyst of wrestling analyzations, the Maple Meatball, the game master himself, Sean Spurge. When finished, it will list every Buy or Sell and Over/Under ever presented on the show, but for now, here is a list of all games from 2013. (**Denotes results that are still pending).

Dec. 2013 16-5 15-6 1 Pending
12/30/14 O/U Daniel Bryan turns on the Wyatts (o/u: Wrestlemania 30) Under Under UNDER
12/30/14 O/U The Shield break up (o/u: night after Royal Rumble) Over Over OVER
12/30/14 BOS Brock Lesnar becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion during this run. Sell Sell SELL
12/30/14 BOS CM Punk defeats Roman Reigns on next week’s Raw by pinfall or submission. Sell Sell SELL
12/23/14 O/U NXT Superstars/Divas become part of main roster by June 1 PPV (o/u: 1.5) Over Over OVER
12/23/14 O/U Dolph Ziggler receives a legitimate push (o/u: Raw after Wrestlemania 30) Over Over OVER
12/23/14 O/U The Intercontinental and United States titles are unified (o/u: Extreme Rules) Under Under OVER
12/23/14 BOS At least one member of the NXT roster is in the Royal Rumble match. Buy Buy BUY
12/23/14 BOS AJ Lee is the Divas Champion uninterrupted going into Wrestlemania 30. Buy Buy BUY
12/23/14 BOS At some point during this run, Batista feuds with Brock Lesnar. Buy Buy SELL
12/23/14 BOS Batista’s run lasts longer than Summerslam 2014. Buy Buy SELL
12/23/14 BOS Batista has a feud with Ryback by Wrestlemania 30. Sell Sell SELL
12/09/13 O/U Matches/moments that happen at Wrestlemania 30 of Punk/Triple H, Cena/Undertaker, Bryan/HBK, Mysterio/Sin Cara, Shield/Wyatts, Langston/Henry, Goldberg/Ryback, Cesaro swing to Hogan (o/u: 2.5) Under Over UNDER
12/09/13 BOS Seth Rollins is a face after The Shield breaks up. Buy Buy SELL
12/09/13 BOS The Unified title becomes just the WWE title belt. Buy Buy SELL
12/09/13 BOS The outcome of Punk vs. The Shield at TLC has Punk winning due to a miscommunication from The Shield. Buy Buy BUY
**12/09/13 BOS The most important thing Jack Swagger will ever be involved with from this point forward is the Real Americans. Sell Buy TBD
12/02/14 O/U Revolutions of the Cesaro swing delivered to Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 30 (o/u: 0.5) Under Under UNDER
12/02/14 O/U Current male members of the roster that have beards (o/u: 63%) Buy Buy BUY
12/02/14 BOS Triple H has a match at Wrestlemania 30. Buy Buy BUY
12/02/14 BOS The loser of the Unified Title match at TLC wins the Royal Rumble. Sell Sell SELL
12/02/14 BOS Either CM Punk or Daniel Bryan is a heel going into Wrestlemania 30. Sell Sell SELL
Nov. 2013 6-6 8-4 1 Pending
11/25/13 BOS Kofi Kingston turns heel at TLC. Buy Buy SELL
11/25/13 BOS There will be a definitive champion at TLC. Buy Buy BUY
11/25/13 BOS The Authority are having The Shield and Wyatts divide and conquer CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Buy Buy SELL
11/18/13 O/U AJ Lee is still Divas Champion. (o/u: Raw after TLC) Over Over OVER
11/18/13 O/U Vicki Guerrero is Smackdown GM (o/u: Royal Rumble) Over Over OVER
11/18/13 O/U Brad Maddox is Raw GM (o/u: Royal Rumble) Over Over OVER
11/18/13 BOS Jack Swagger is eliminated first on his team at Survivor Series. Buy Buy SELL
11/11/13 BOS We get a 3-on-3 Shield vs. Wyatts match by year’s end. Buy Sell SELL
11/11/13 O/U Antonio Cesaro turns face (o/u: Royal Rumble) Over Under OVER
**11/02/13 O/U Big E Langston is a future WWE Champion. Sell Buy TBD
11/02/13 O/U Roman Reigns is a WWE/World Heavyweight Champion before Dean Ambrose. Buy Buy BUY
11/02/13 BOS Any member of The Shield is a WWE/World Heavyweight Champion (o/u: Survivor Series 2014) Under Over OVER
11/02/13 BOS Survivor Series style matches at Survivor Series 2013 (o/u: 1.5) Under Over OVER
Oct. 2013 11-5 9-7 COMPLETE
10/28/13 BOS Randy Orton is still the WWE Champion, uninterrupted, going into Wrestlemania 30. Sell Sell BUY
10/28/13 BOS CM Punk and Daniel Bryan team up in a match against the Wyatts. Buy Buy BUY
10/28/13 BOS The Real Americans win the tag team titles at any point in their partnership. Sell Sell SELL
10/28/13 BOS Damien Sandow wins the World Heavyweight Championship in this calendar year. Sell Sell SELL
10/28/13 O/U The Shield stay intact. (o/u: Raw after TLC) Under Over OVER
10/15/13 O/U Hulk Hogan appears on regular WWE programming (o/u: midnight, 04/07/14) Under Over UNDER
10/15/13 O/U Alberto Del Rio squashes Los Matadores (o/u: Christmas, 2013) Over Under OVER
10/15/13 O/U Matches that go on after Cena/Del Rio at Hell in a Cell (o/u: 2) Push Push PUSH
10/15/13 BOS Damien Sandow cashes in his Money in the Bank contract on John Cena. Buy Buy BUY
10/15/13 BOS John Cena becomes World Heavyweight Champion in this calendar year. Buy Buy BUY
10/08/13 O/U RhodesDust are the tag team champions (o/u: Survivor Series) Over Over OVER
10/08/13 O/U Dean Ambrose loses the United States title (o/u: Hell in a Cell) Over Over OVER
10/01/13 BOS Battleground is Rob Van Dam’s last one on one WWE/World Title match on PPV. Sell Sell BUY
10/01/13 BOS There will be a Big Show/Triple H match in this Corpolution storyline. Sell Buy SELL
10/01/13 BOS WWE brings John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship to light on regular programming now that Bryan and Brie are in the spotlight. Buy Buy SELL
10/01/13 BOS Brie Bella starts coming out with Daniel Bryan in the near future. Buy Buy SELL
Sept. 2013 5-3 6-2 COMPLETE
09/17/13 O/U Curtis Axel defends the Intercontinental Title on PPV (o/u: 1.5 matches) Over Under UNDER
09/17/13 O/U The Shield is no longer aligned with the McMahons (o/u: TLC) Over Over OVER
09/17/13 O/U Sami Zayn’s main roster television debut (o/u: Survivor Series) Over Over OVER
09/17/13 BOS Having been named the #1 contenders again, the Usos win the titles off The Shield this time around. Buy Buy SELL
09/17/13 BOS Triple H telling Scott Armstrong “I’m gonna take care of you” is Hunter’s way of saying that he is paying him to frame Daniel Bryan. Buy Buy BUY
09/17/13 BOS Damien Sandow cashes in Money in the Bank unsuccessfully. Sell Buy BUY
09/17/13 BOS CM Punk gets involved in Corpolution storyline directly after Night of Champions. Sell Buy SELL
09/10/13 BOS One of the Total Divas wins the Divas Title at Night of Champions. Sell Sell SELL
09/10/13 5-5 7-3 2 Pending
August 2013 BOS The winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble will be either Daniel Bryan or John Cena. Sell Sell SELL
08/20/13 BOS Prime Time Players become tag champs at some point with Darren Young coming out. Buy Buy SELL
08/20/13 BOS Los Matadores is a colossal bust. Buy Buy BUY
08/20/13 BOS A new Evolution forms at some point with Triple H playing the role of Ric Flair, Randy Orton playing Triple H, and two up and comers as Randy Orton and Batista. Buy Buy SELL
08/20/13 BOS Brad Maddox is still Raw GM by Survivor Series. Buy Buy BUY
08/13/13 BOS The Fandango character has already seen its peak. Buy Buy BUY
08/13/13 BOS Christian’s ongoing request and bringing back the phrase of “one more match” is a hint that retirement is coming soon. Sell Sell SELL
08/13/13 O/U O/U: WWE Title changes before January 1st (o/u: 1.5) Over Over OVER
08/13/13 O/U World Heavyweight Title changes before January 1st (o/u: 2) Over Under PUSH
08/13/13 O/U Number of singles title wins for 3MB combined (o/u: 1) Under Under TBD
**8/13/13 O/U TNA’s highest rated show by the time it folds (o/u: 1.12) Over Under TBD
**8/13/13 O/U The following names are released from WWE by this time next year: Aksana, Camacho, Curt Hawkins, Epico, Ezekial Jackson, Hunico, JTG, Rosa Mendez, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino, and Sin Cara, and Zack Ryder (o/u: 4.5) Under Over OVER
08/13/13 3-3 3-3 COMPLETE
July 2013 BOS CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar at Summerslam is their only match in Punk’s current feud with Paul Heyman. Sell Sell BUY
07/30/13 BOS Daniel Bryan is WWE champ come September. Buy Sell BUY
07/30/13 BOS The Bella twins are at least partially responsible for the outcome of the Summerslam main event. Buy Buy SELL
07/30/13 BOS After Summerslam, Dean Ambrose gets a legit US title feud that builds up to a PPV match. Sell Buy SELL
07/30/13 O/U Damien Sandow cashes in Money in the Bank (O/U: 12/31/13) Under Under UNDER
07/30/13 O/U Randy Orton cashes in Money in the Bank (o/u: 8/31/13) Over Under UNDER
07/30/13 2-2 2-2 1 Pending
June 2013 O/U Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship (o/u: 09/01/13) Over Over UNDER
06/18/13 BOS Mark Henry legitimately retires after his program with Cena. Sell Sell SELL
06/18/13 BOS Unlike with Triple H, Lesnar and Punk’s feud is just the one Summerslam match. Sell Sell BUY
06/18/13 BOS The Miz at any point in his career regains the WWE title. Sell Sell TBD
**06/18/13 BOS The women’s division becomes something we actually care about in the near future. Buy Buy BUY

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