Episode 258 – Flavors

We are about to enter week 104 of no Hulk Hogan.

Battleground is this Sunday, we make no predictions.

We talk more about Summer Slam instead.

Oh, and Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s son…

Episode 256 – League of Nations of Domination

Great Balls of Fire is this Sunday and we expect f—ed finishes.

Also, Raw and Smackdown (and NXT) were all actually fairly decent this week.

Episode 255 – Corey, Put Your Phone Down

The N-bomb gets dropped on Raw in one of the most hated segments in recent Raw history.

We’re getting another Punjabi prison match for the WWE title.

M2J drinks Zima, now that it’s back for a limited time only.

Episode 254 – I’ll Make YOU Look Like Ellsworth!

The first women’s Money in the Bank match ends in controversy, but not the good kind.

Also, Smackdown and Raw happened.


Episode 253 – Everything But Smackdown

There was so much wrestling this week, but I had to miss some of it because there are only so many hours in the week. I cover Omega Vs Okada 2, Break the Barrier 2017, NXT, Lucha Underground, and Monday Night Raw! Money in the Bank is this weekend and I make predictions!

Episode 252 – Roman Reigns’ Dreaded Ween Touch

There’s a new number one contender for the WWE Universal Title.
There are new Raw tag team champions.
There is a new WWE Intercontinental champion.
There are new Lucha Underground Trios Champions.

Episode 250 – Bang Boom Powerbomb to the Moon

We have a lot of wrestling to talk about, but mainly, the new WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal.

Episode 249 – Hulk Hogan forms the New Welcoming Committee – nWc

We fantasy book a world where Hulk Hogan shows up and joins the Welcoming Committee on Smackdown, coining the New Welcoming Committee, or nWc.

Also, WWE Backlash is Sunday, NXT Takeover is Saturday, and WWE UK is Friday, so it’s a big weekend?