Episode 274 – Just Allow It Yeah Hulk Hogan Lana Del Rey

M2J is in assignment in Belize this week, Sean and Denny weigh in on the events of Raw and Smackdown, including the NEW WWE Champion AJ STYLESU

Episode 271 – Remember?

TLC is this Sunday, we talk about all the matches, ALL OF THEM.

Cruiserweights need to kill each other to get over, LITERALLY!

Episode 270 – Beloved Roman Reigns

The Usos and New Day have a match of the year candidate, again. Sami Zayn turns heel!? The Shield is back?? Rowan and Harper are back too!? WTF is happening?

Episode 268 – Roman Reigns Flavored Condoms

The torch has been passed and now Roman Reigns is the guy… or is he??

Episode 266 – Roman’s Log

Raw was quite shooty this week. Some intense things happened on Smackdown, namely Kevin Owens beating up Vince McMahon, but what does it mean!?

Episode 265 – Andre the Giant is the Most Famous Andre

This week on the podcast, Denny & Matt are so sick of Raw and Smackdown that they talk old school WWF, wonderful Andre the Giant stories, two of the best babyface turns in the history of WWE, NXT, and the Mae Young Classic!