Episode 250 – Bang Boom Powerbomb to the Moon

We have a lot of wrestling to talk about, but mainly, the new WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal.

Episode 249 – Hulk Hogan forms the New Welcoming Committee – nWc

We fantasy book a world where Hulk Hogan shows up and joins the Welcoming Committee on Smackdown, coining the New Welcoming Committee, or nWc.

Also, WWE Backlash is Sunday, NXT Takeover is Saturday, and WWE UK is Friday, so it’s a big weekend?

Episode 248 – JBL is a WWE Shill

It’s a slow week in WWE, Raw and Smackdown were recorded in London and very little happened that’s worth mentioning, but JBL had a lot to say on the Network, and boy is he a company man.

Episode 247 – Bray Wyatt’s House of Bore-rors

WWE Payback was a terrific event, except for the House of Horrors match. Alexa Bliss is your new WWE Raw Women’s Champion. Jericho is your new WWE United States Champion…wait, Kevin Owens is your new WWE United States Champion, again.

But seriously, this House of Horrors match was junk.

Episode 246 – Braun Strowman Covers WWE’s Greatest Hits

The go-home RAW to Backlash left something to be desired. Are we getting BROKEN Matt sooner than we think? Will Jinder Mahal be the next WWE Champion? Was Hogan in it??

Episode 245 – Seth Rollins, Architect for Vandelay Industries

Raw and Smackdown were – eh. We talk about some old WWE title belts, Jinder Mahal, Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar being absent all the time, and read some listener emails!

Episode 244 – Bush League

What was the Superstar Shake Up? Who landed on Raw? Who landed on Smackdown!? Which WWE Superstar got married this week!?

Episode 243 – The Ultimate Thrill Ride

NXT, Wrestlemania, Raw, and Smackdown = 16 hours of wrestling to talk about. The Hardyz are back in WWE, but are they Broken? Finn Balor, Erick Rowan, and Emma are back. Tye Dillinger, The Revival, and Nakamura are called up to the main roster. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg definitely earned their paycheck this Wrestlemania. Was Wrestlemania indeed the ultimate thrill ride?

Episode 242 – Roman Reigns is a Neo-Heel?

Ok, Wrestlemania 33 is 4 days away, how were the go-home Raw and Smackdown shows? We have an episode long buy or sell predicting the outcomes of all of the matches.

Triple H says Roman Reigns is already a heel? Sean has something to say about that!

Also – more radical fantasy booking by M2J!

Episode 241 – A Wrestlemania About Nothing

This week we fantasy book a Seinfeld themed Wrestlemania.

Also, M2J hated Raw and vents about how they deserved the Brooklyn fans on Monday night.