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Episode 270 – Beloved Roman Reigns

The Usos and New Day have a match of the year candidate, again. Sami Zayn turns heel!? The Shield is back?? Rowan and Harper are back too!? WTF is happening?

Episode 221 – Randy Orton’s Glowing Eyes

Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks main evented Hell in a Cell …in a cell! How did this history-making event go down? Also, Randy Orton’s eyes now glow because he’s part of the Wyatt family?

Now we are building toward Survivor Series, the teams are shaping up and we sound off. Also, this week on Smackdown, James Ellis… that is, Ellsworth!


Episode 220 – No Mercy in a Cell

No Mer- I mean, Hell in a Cell is this weekend and we are unsure which match will main event. Also, Brock is supposed to get booed in his home town? What could they have done to be successful with this horrible plan?

Oh yeah, Maggle Payne joins us this week!